Junior Jubilees Choir

 The Junior Jubilees and the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers Teens include singers ages 7 to 18. There are no auditions, and all youth are welcome. They rehearse once a week, in Stittsville, and often perform with the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers Adult … Read More

Youth X Canada: Music Tour 2017

Youth X Canada  Youth X Canada: Music Tour 2017 is a unique and inspiring project designed to discover, explore and celebrate the diversity of Canada’s geographic, cultural and musical landscapes as seen from the perspective of young, aspiring Canadian music … Read More

Richmond Ramblers Bluegrass Band

Bluegrass with a mix of country classic…The Richmond Ramblers play predominantly bluegrass music with a mix of classic country.  The talent in the group is steeped with years of musical experience including an award winning fiddler.  Instrumentation includes fiddle, bass … Read More

Kanata Symphony

Since 1981, The Kanata Symphony Orchestra has succeeded in providing the community with a rich heritage of orchestra concerts and events. Each season, we present three concerts. Rehearsals are held each Wednesday evening in the Glencairn Community Centre.Those interested in … Read More

Diana Sharp

‘Chansons De Mon Placard’ (‘Songs of My Cupboard’)Award winning singer, Diana Sharp is joined by pianist Sonja Deuntsch Plourde and clarinetist Rebecca Lloyd in a special performance of CBC host and composer Peter Tiefenbach’s ‘Chansons De Mon Placard’ (‘Songs of … Read More


4PointPanic  Noah Gardiner is an 18-year-old up and coming EDM music producer and beat maker, influenced by Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, Skrillex and other great electronic music revolutionaries.Currently under development with SGMGroupArtists, 4PointPanic is already collaborating on major releases with artists … Read More


 The Russian Folk Dance Ensemble, Kalinka was formed over 9 years ago in Ottawa by the enthusiasts from many republics of the former Soviet Union. Kalinka is a regular participant at the Ottawa Tulip Festival and many other Multicultural events … Read More

84th Regiment of Foot

The 84th Regiment of Foot was raised in Canada to fight with the British against the American rebels during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The regiment was made up of veterans on the 7 Years War who had stayed in … Read More

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