Activites - Sandwell Green Park

Family Activities - Sandwell Green Park


Famous Canadians:

Claim a prize at the information booth if you can find 10 famous Canadians!

Creativity Corner:

11:00 -12:30pm

  • OPL Books
  • Bubbles and Bouncing!
  • Family Story-time Program

12:30 - 6:00pm

  • Smart City Science
    • Smart City Science is a social enterprise based in Kanata offering school-age children and community groups workshops and "how to" science curious activities.  We develop programming opportunities to investigate science at all levels with an interactive method. At our Cultural Festival we will be investigating food literacy.
  • BizBeePlayLab
    • The BIZBEE play lab is a junior student group
  • Poetry readings
  • Jamaal Jackson Poetry and Storytelling


• Bookmobile’s Mobile Maker Space  
•  Face Painting  
•  Runamock  
• Bouncie Slide  
•  Food Trucks