84th Regiment of Foot

The 84th Regiment of Foot was raised in Canada to fight with the British against the American rebels during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The regiment was made up of veterans on the 7 Years War who had stayed in Canada after that conflict ended and Americans who remained loyal to Britain during the rebellion. After the war, the regiment disbanded and the men took up land grants in Nova Scotia and the current Glengarry area of Eastern Ontario.

Today, the 84th Regiment, a re-created Canadian/British Highland regiment will be at the Kanata-Carleton Cultural Festival to put on display of military and civilian activities starting at 10:00 am at the Outdoor Stage Show. There will also be some folks there representing Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry, a regiment that fought in the War of 1812. We're looking forward to sharing some of the Canada's history with everyone.

Performances and demonstrations at the Sandwell Green Park Outdoor Stage Show.


84th Regiment of Foot Royal Highland Emigrants
84th Regiment of Foot


Website: http://www.84th-rhe.com/