Kanata-Carleton Cultural Festival

May 27th, 2017

May 27th 2017 What a Celebration!

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Evening Performance Part 1

Evening Performance Part 2

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Kanata-Carleton Cultural Festival Booklet


Introduction by Marianne Wilkinson, 
Councillor, Kanata North...

"On behalf of my City Colleagues, Councillors Allan Hubley, Shad Qadri, Eli El-Chantiry and Scott Moffatt, I’m pleased to support local Arts Groups in the Kanata-Carleton area of the City of Ottawa in providing the information in this booklet.

This booklet is the introductory part of a local celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday.

The booklet highlights the many local Arts and Cultural Groups here along with their 2017 schedule of activities. Plan to attend some of these events and experience the depth of quality entertainment available in our area..."

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